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I'm Travis Reinold- Christian songwriter, evangelist, Army veteran, husband and father.  I grew up in a Christian home and was saved at a young age. However, it would be many years later that I would finally understand the full depth and sufficiency of God's grace.


Throughout childhood and much of my adult years, I suffered from undiagnosed ADHD. I tried to make up for my inadequacies with my human works and unknowingly, I became rigid-minded and legalistic. The more I tried to "do better," the further I sunk. From my despair and shame came a deep depression for more than 3 years of my adolescent and college years. 


Slowly and surely, God revealed His TRUE grace in my life. I was able to finally get a formal diagnosis for my ADHD, get professional treatment, and receive real strength from the omnipotent power of God. It is because of these struggles that I accepted, and embraced, my own weakness.

"For when I am weak, He makes me strong." (2 Cor 12:11)

I'm now on a mission to help individuals accept their weaknesses and understand the all-sufficient STRENGTH found in God's grace.

I hope that my music and podcast may be a source of encouragement, education, motivation, and inspiration for every believer, no matter your struggles.

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