Why I Wrote You Make Me Strong with Travis Reinold [Ep 001]

podcast Jun 27, 2018

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    • I share my inspiration behind creating, “You Make Me Strong.”
    • Growing up, my favorite moving has always been Chariots of Fire. I was inspired by the scene with Eric Liddell running the final 400 meters race and how that scene represents the power of our holy spirit!
      • If we finish the race than we have riches and glory that far exceeds the rewards of winning an Olympic gold medal.” - Travis Reinold
    • We all have weakness and I am not afraid to share mine. You are not alone! I share my history of ADHD and how I struggled with mental illness since I was a child.
    • Mental Health and living a Christian life. So many of us still struggle with the stigma and let it be known that mental illness is a very real thing! The fight and temptation to give up is a struggle every day! Some of us including myself have to take medication for my mental health and really God doesn’t care if you take them or not I am still his child!
      • “In the midst of my struggles, God’s love kept coming after me.” - Travis Reinold
    • What is strength? What does it mean to be strong? Strength is admitting you are weak and running to the Lord for his love and grace.

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