Run Away From Legalism! [Ep 027]

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019

I’m still piecing together another podcast on marriage, but I felt inspired this week to dive deeper into the problem of legalism.  Legalism is the enemy of grace.  It’s inflicting a lot of suffering on Christians.  And it’s causing people to leave the local church and give up on Christianity completely.  Ironically, so many people in today’s churches that are trying so hard to bring people to their church are actually doing the opposite.   They’re actually turning people away.  Sure, they might convince someone to visit their church for a Sunday, or a few Sundays, or heck even a couple of years.  But, in the long run, legalism wears people down.  Unfortunately, today, many Christians are blind to their own legalism.  They’re blind to their own arrogance.  Yes, legalism is utter arrogance.  Legalism is dependence on self rather than God, legalism is superimposing your rules on top of God’s grace and truth, and legalism is pseudo-spirituality.    

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