Repentance [Ep 021]

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

This week I felt compelled to do an entire podcast on one word found in The Bible.  Repentance.  For centuries, Christians have utterly confused the meaning of this one simple word. And, unfortunately, this confusion has led to a lot of unnecessary suffering.  I’ve listened to countless Christian services and messages where the message goes something like this: “You’ve got to repent of your sins.  Stop committing that sin.  Repent, brother.  You’re not really a Christian until you repent.”  And then after throwing the word repent around a few times, that person will usually talk about various types of sexual sins.  For whatever reason, sexual sins are the ones that everyone talks about.  Then, I hear Christians gossiping about other Christians.  They’ll say, “Are you sure so and so is really a Christian?  I mean, look at them.  They can’t be a Christian.  They...

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Dispensations [Ep 020]

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2018

I’ve heard one pastor say that there are two doctrines that really help The Bible make sense.  The first doctrine is the Angelic Conflict which helps explain our purpose on this earth.  And the second doctrine is the doctrine of dispensations.  I think this pastor is spot on.  Both doctrines are imperative for understanding the bigger picture of what The Bible is saying.   

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Prayer [Ep 019]

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Let’s talk about prayer.  Like everything else in the Christian life, prayer is all about grace.  We approach God the Father directly because of the cross.  Because of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for all of us.  He is our High Priest.  It’s truly amazing to me, that at anytime, anywhere, we have a direct line to the God of this universe.  What a tremendous weapon prayer can become!  We don’t earn this.  We don’t deserve this.  It’s all grace.  He answers our prayers because of who and what He is, not because of what and what we are. 

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Spirituality [Ep 018]

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2018

In this podcast, we’re going to talk about spirituality.  First, let me tell you what spirituality is not. Spirituality is NOT how you feel.  And it’s NOT meditating, doing yoga, walking through the woods, climbing a mountain, contemplating the meaning of the universe, philosophizing our existence, thinking positive thoughts, or whatever passes for spirituality these days.  True spirituality is far more powerful than anything man tries to pass off as spirituality.  Spirituality is living by means of God the Holy Spirit.  Everything else is a cheap counterfeit.

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The Trinity [Ep 017]

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2018

In this podcast, we’re going to talk about the Trinity.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding what The Bible says about the Trinity.  But what an important doctrine in Scripture to understand!  Because the Trinity helps us understand who God is.  Now, notice I said The Bible is our source for understanding the doctrine of the Trinity.  The Bible teaches Trinitarian Monotheism.  It teaches that God is One in Being, One in Essence, and Three in Persons.  So let's dive into Scripture.....  

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It is Finished [Ep 016]

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2018

What did the Lord Jesus Christ say before He dismissed His spirit?  He said, “It is finished.”  Finished means finished.  Salvation is finished.  When the God Man Savior says something is finished, believe that it is finished. So why don’t we believe Him?  Why don’t we trust Him?  Why are we trying to add to the work of Christ on the cross by throwing in works?  Why are we striving to earn the grace of God?  Do you realize what an insult this is to God?  It’s like telling God, “That’s great what you did through our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, but it’s not good enough for me.  I need to do something.  I need to get involved in some way.” 

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Don't Ya Know (He Rose From The Grave) [Ep 015]

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2018

In the last episode, Reckless Love, I spoke about the six trials of Christ and what happened on the cross.  In this episode, I’m going to talk about what happened after the cross.  Specifically, three days after the cross.  I’m going to talk about the resurrection. 

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Reckless Love [Ep 014]

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

In my first podcast, I mentioned one of my favorite songs, Reckless Love.  This song describes the “Reckless” love of God.  Now, as Christians, what do we mean by reckless?  We know that God isn’t reckless.  Because, if you look up the meaning of the word reckless in the dictionary, you’ll see that reckless means careless and thoughtless.  And we know that God isn’t careless and thoughtless.  But, to the human mind, God’s love can appear reckless.  His love is so amazing and so powerful, that in our minds it just doesn’t make any sense. 

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Letting Go [Ep 013]

podcast Oct 10, 2018

"Letting Go" can be one of the most difficult things for any human being to do.  What do I mean by letting go?  I mean giving God control of your life.  I mean letting God surprise you rather than trying to map out all of your steps in life.  I mean freeing yourself from everything that you are afraid of by trusting in the Lord. 

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