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All compositions by Travis Reinold. Produced by Bobby Flores, R.D. Music Productions

Recorded and mixed at B.A.M. Recording Studio, San Antonio, TX 

Engineers: Bobby Flores, R.J. Smith

Drums: Bobby Jarzombek, Dan Dreeben, John Owens 

Bass: Jim Kalson, Andrew Bergman

Piano, B3 & Keyboards: Anthony Bazzani, Travis Reinold on "Lamentations"

Guitars, Violins, Mandolin: Bobby Flores

Horns: Al Gomez - Trumpet, Jay Fort - Sax, Dave Woodard - Trombone

Strings: Andrew Small - Featured Violin on "Lamentations"

String Quartet: Bobby Flores - Violins (Viola on "Dream With Me", Jacobi Caldwell - Viola, Maggie Raveneau - Cello

Vocalists: Travis Reinold on "Your Father's Love" and "Swingin' To Grace," Amanda Bryant on "You Make Me Strong", "Dream With Me" and "Our Forever Song". Tim Birt - "Adore The Lord" and "Our Forever Song," Billy O'Rourke on "Jake's Song," Matt Arnzt on "Lord Of Armies," Jason Perry on "Don't Ya Know" Background Vocals: Featuring The Wiggins on "Don't Ya Know" Bass Vocals: Travis Reinold on "Don't Ya Know"

Mastered by Nick Landis and Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin, TX



©2018 Travis Reinold Music. All Rights Reserved. By downloading this media, you understand and agree that any and all media downloaded from this website remains the property of Travis Reinold Music and that you are strictly prohibited from selling, reproducing, distributing, publicly performing, editing, mixing, altering, or otherwise using the media for commercial or non-commercial purposes, other than for personal entertainment, without prior written permission from copyright owner.

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